GoGO Land

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We at GOGO LAND ADVENTURE SPORT & RESORTS wish that your stay and activities turn truly memorable. But it is mandatory from your side to obey the guidelines set by GOGO LAND management for your safety. If you have any concerns/ suggestions about your stay and activities, please let us know. Do contact our manager for further details.


  • Guests should be above 18 years of age. Children should be accompanied by parents / adults. Check-in / Check-out time mandatory for usage of facilities.
  • Valid ID proof with age proof compulsory for all guests / entrants. Falsified or fake document holders with regard to age will be fully and solely responsible to themselves in the event of any unforeseen act, incident or accident that may cause injury or loss of life. GOGO LAND management and staff will not be held responsible for such acts and results.
  • Activities open only to registered entrants. Visitors / Drivers not allowed inside GOGO LAND premises.
  • All children must be supervised by their parents. Children aged 12 and above will be charged at adult rates. ADVENTURE DECLARATION FORM signing is compulsory for those children who wish to try activities above their restricted age. GOGO LAND authorities will not be responsible for any loss / damage/ injury/ accidents to children caused thereof.
  • Use of LOCKERS IS COMPULSORY. GOGO LAND Management and Staff will not be responsible for any loss / damage of valuables due to irresponsible usage and behaviour.
  • There are risks associated with adventure rides. In case of accidents, GOGO LAND Management and Staff will not be responsible as the activities are taken up on personal interest and choice. Do not use rides and activities under the influence of alcohol. If the individual have any psychological/physical/medical issues or limitations, or lack of confidence or the mind-set to avoid risk, then please DO NOT take part in adventure activities. GOGO LAND Management and Staff will not be responsible for any accident / loss of life / injury arising thereof.
  • Rough or Bad weather issues may delay the start / postponement / cancellation of any adventure activity without prior notice. Because your safety is our major concern.
  • Payments/Fund once made will not be refunded. No discounts or adjustments allowed for late arrivals or early departures and vice-versa. In the event of “No-Show”, the registrants will not be provided any refund.
  • Breakage / Damage to property of GOGO LAND ADVENTURE SPORTS & RESORTS by occupants / registrants during their stay / outing will be charged on personal accountability and will be settled as per actual quote or the price under the direction and authority of the Management of GOGO LAND ADVENTURE SPORTS & RESORTS.
  • The Management will not be liable for accidents, injuries or loss of property including theft, fire, flood, wind, earthquake or any act of GOD that may happen within the resort.
  • Registration Counters are under continuous CCTV surveillance for security reasons.
  • Photographs of public areas within the resort taken by GOGO LAND Management-

Appointed photographers and customer reviews may be shared on digital media platforms for marketing and promotional activities. The Management of GOGO LAND ADVENTURE SPORTS & RESORTS reserves the discretion of usage rights permanently.

  • Genuine nature of the landscape was given core priority during the construction phase of the resort. Modifications to the premises were minimal to maintain the ecological balance of the environment. Hence kindly be cautious over sudden topographical shifts while treading the terrain.
  •  Do not engage in activities inside the adventure park under the influence of liquor. Liquor is not permitted inside the resort premises.